Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

Frustration at the Ermelo licensing office

22 September 2020

For now, residents wishing to renew their driver’s licenses need to take a day off work and be sure to be the early bird in line. Residents who have to renew their license discs may stand in line, or use a queuing service such as J&P Queuing Service, which handles renewals of license discs on your behalf, provided you supply the appropriate documentation.

MLM, DEA and GSDM turns blind eye to environmental pollution

22 September 2020

GSDM acknowledged receipt of the enquiry, but yet again failed to submit a reply. Mr. Zwane, MLM spokesman stated via telephonic conversation that the issue is being investigated by the technical team. However, no further information, or what plans of environmental reform are, have been made known. A copy of the information, photos and videos have also been submitted to Carte Blanche, and response is awaited.

Pressure from FF Plus results in R95 million payment

22 September 2020

Bethal had to endure daily bouts of load shedding that lasted up to 18 hours over the last few years, as the council did not meet its obligations to Eskom. It caused immense damage to the local economy and it grossly violated human dignity.

Sewage spillage wreaks havoc on environment

15 September 2020

While Msukaligwa Local Municipality has replaced a section of sewerage line, the damage is already done, and raw sewage continues to pollute the environment and underground water sources. Residents of Extension 7 have to make do with the raw sewage flowing past their dwellings, along with a wide range of garbage, animal carcasses and other debris floating in the sewage.