Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

MBCF vorder met hofsaak teen MLM en Eskom

20 October 2020

MLM bestuur het egter die Tribune op verskeie geleenthede valslik verseker dat die NMD nie verminder is nie, en dat die kragonderbrekings te danke is aan verouderde infrastruktuur. Dit is egter te verwagte dat die NMD verminder is, siende dat MLM meer as R170 miljoen aan Eskom skuld.

Pet Dam locked down as residents disregard COVID-19 regulations

13 October 2020

One resident stated that “the SAPS can go to hell”, whilst another stated that the decision to close the Pet Dam is “part of the white agenda” and that “residents are being oppressed”.

Party time is over at the Pet Dam

10 October 2020

In light of the blatant disregard from residents who use the dam as a party site, and who pay no heed to social distancing and COVID-19 regulations, Msukaligwa Local Municipality (MLM) has issued a closure of the Pet Dam, with immediate effect. MLM has stated that an increase in COVID-19 cases is the reason for the closure. The Local Command Council (LCC) has made the decision.

FF Plus clamps down on sewage pollution

26 October 2020

In Bethal, three of its sewage pump stations have not been functioning for an extended period of time. One pump was removed in December 2019, supposedly for repairs, but to this day it has not yet been replaced. And ever since, sewage has been flowing freely into the Blesbokspruit. The pollution is so serious that toilet paper and grey water are visible from a bridge, 12km outside of town, that runs across the tributary.