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Sign the service delivery petition


20 September 2022

The link to the petition can be obtained on by contacting the MBCF.

On 10 August 2022, the Msukaligwa Business & Community Forum (MBCF), spearheaded by the chairperson, Janice Conradie, hosted a meeting with the residents and businesses of Ermelo. The aim of the meeting was to discuss and plan a way forward amidst the lack of service delivery provided by Msukaligwa Local Municipality. One of the larger issues that the community and business sector faces is the non-functional billing system of the municipality.

This, coupled with the wholly illegal practice of the municipality’s departments billing consumers according to shockingly inaccurate estimations, have put more and more pressure on the community to finally take a stand against Msukaligwa Local Municipality. Despite the MBCF’s roundabout of meetings with various roleplayers and government officials, including Gert Sibande District Municipality, no amicable solution could be found. Conradie has now launched a petition in order to exert pressure on the municipality to provide services to the community. The petition will then be used by the Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister for Small Business Development, Henro Kruger, in his presentation before parliament. The petition closes 24 October 2022, and all community members are urged to sign the petition.

The link to the petition can be obtained by clicking here -, or by contacting the MBCF on the number below. A public meeting at the Ermelo Inn will be held on 26 September 2022 at 18:00, where additional information will be provided. The MBCF urges all interested parties, irrespective of individual or business, to join the MBCF. This will strengthen the hand in dealing with these service delivery issues, and various other issues. For more information, or for the petition link, contact Janice Conradie on 072 401 1449.

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