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The incredible story Ismail Joosub


19 January 2021

“My achievements, however long and laborious, made me a better man. Ultimately fate will define my future, but I wouldn’t mind securing a seat in the Union Buildings.”

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

Ismail Joosub, a 21-year-old local marvel, has quite a story to share with the world. Born into a long line of high-achievers, his family migrated from India in the 1930’s. Ismail’s grandparents moved to South Africa, and founded a fabric store whilst enduring the hardships of South Africa in that era. Ismail bears the namesake of his grandfather, and touts his grandmother as the matriarch of the family, contributing with support and council to his successes in life. Ismail’s family, however, continued the success in Ermelo by the acquisition of various properties, with hard work and honest labor being the main focus. His family were given no free reign, and accomplished their success themselves through sheer dedication. Ismail remembers himself as a shy kid, being more observant than vocal. He attended Ermelo Primary School Grades 1 through 7, and his academical focus brought with it great achievements, with Ismail being at the top of the class throughout his attending years.

Ismail featured in the media on various occasions, and strangely, already had an idea in primary school as to the aim of his life, and was fascinated with power and men in suits. Ismail also expressed great interest in geopolitics within different geographical locations. His life took a turn in Grades 5 and 6, when one of his English teachers inspired him, and his mother subsequently encouraged him, to enter oratory competitions. Placing first in this competition, Ismail burst out of his shell with extraordinary confidence. He participated on provincial level speeches, and was chosen as the best orator in Mpumalanga, having a voice compared to Barack Obama. Exuding confidence, Ismail was accepted to both local high schools, but ultimately settled on Ligbron as a choice because of their technological advancements and offerings. He flew through his high school career with ease, placing top in all academic events. From there, there was no stopping Ismail, and he was awarded as second best orator in the country, and continued to climb even higher.

Still keeping an eye on the global political ethos, and nurturing his passion for international law, Ismail sees his role model and influence as Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon’s security advisor and expert in international affairs and foreign policy. Reading books by the dozen, Ismail decided in Grade 9 to put spirituality first. He became involved on the Islamic scene, and set out on the gargantuan task of memorizing the Quran. This proved to be a grueling task due to school pressure and his various other commitments, but he continued searching for the meaning of life.
“This endeavor shaped my political and legal views , the meaning of justice and the impact of religion. In Grade 11, I stepped away as the winner of all my oratory competitions. In Grade 12, I started making friends... powerful friends,” Ismail gleamed. “These included powerful men and women from the political, legal and business fields. Most importantly, my family plays a crucible role in the man I am today, especially paying honor to my father. He guided me, and counselled me on how to succeed and rise in life’s ranks.

My father supported and understood me, as he still continues to support my directive in life.” Ismail said. “Ultimately, law is the choice I’d rather make, instead of politics. Law affords me the chance to make a difference in the justice issues in South Africa. Law runs in the family blood, with two of my family members in the top 10 lawyers in the country.” he said. Enrolling in the University of Pretoria in 2018, which features the best law faculty on the continent. Although enjoying the university’s challenges, Ismail had issues blending in with the hustle and bustle of Hatfield. He felt that he was not doing enough, not making as big a difference as he would have liked. Ismail decided to join the Muslim Student Association (MSA) as a key role player, and aimed on making a difference for Muslim students. He also joined the SRC to ensure that all Muslim rights were equally covered. “Delving deeper into law and legal philosophy, I joined the Law House, rising in ranks, and serving on four subcommittees in the same year. Through hard work and dedication, I passed my first year cum laude, and during my second year in 2019, I was honored with the merit of the Golden Key award, which recognises the top 15% of students in the faculty. Although having ties with Ministers in Government and Leaders of various political organizations, I still have no official political affiliation, but continue to contribute value to the functioning of various bodies on campus.” Ismail said, now on the edge of his seat. “2019 was a magical year for me. Having ties with key players, everyone knew my name, and I was touted as the next president of the country. I also have a massive social media following, airing opinions on geopolitical issues. I’ve been giving my insights for over two years, and was part of the executive council of the debate team.

My second year of law brought about big life decisions, accompanied by a stellar academic record. Prevailing options are either a masters in international law, or advocacy, because of my ability to speak well, drawing massive crowds when I speak.” Ismail smiled. “I have a great interest in diplomacy, was in contact with many ambassadors on international affairs, and was on my way up. However, the COVID-19 pandemic cut short the dream ride, as all affairs are on halt, but I am still determined to make a change. I helped my father in property affairs during the lockdown period, and did terrifically well in business management during the 2020 lockdown, whilst still building and strengthening contacts. I started long length articles on various sites, and am still polishing my oratory skills. Despite the pandemic, my academic year finished with seven distinctions in law, whereafter I received a call in October 2020, from the African Union. In a brilliant twist of fate, I am now the Vice President and Media and Marketing Officer of the AU Student Commission, and may now practice my influence in real life, and online. Having the best interest of Africa at heart, I am looking at the implications of any and all events. I will be investigating human rights violations, and will be working to let liberty shine as a beacon.” Ismail said.

“I have recently been contacted by some of the biggest law firms on the continent, including Werksmans Attorneys and Norton Rose Fulbright. “My achievements, however long and laborious, made me a better man. Ultimately fate will define my future, but I wouldn’t mind securing a seat in the Union Buildings.” Ismail said with a humble smile. “I sit here as an avid admirer of Churchill and many others, and would like to be remembered as someone who contributed positively for the advancement of humanity. That’s what I’m working towards, and I do believe that there will be a meteoric rise in my future, and I will work toward the betterment of all South African life.”

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