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Strife within the ANC continues


1 February 2022

Resignation would force the municipality into by-elections.

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

On Thursday, 27 January, ANC members opposing the alleged corruption, nepotism and fraud within the structures of Msukaligwa Local Municipality (MLM), as well as the regional branch of the ANC Gert Sibande, gathered at the gates of Gert Sibande District Municipality (GSDM). These steely protestors are standing their ground against the alleged plot by the regional ANC and corrupt entities within the municipality. The group also stands on behalf of the present board of councillors at MLM, who have repeatedly highlighted the corruption that drills to the core of the municipality. The executive mayor, Cllr Mahlalela, have also made her stance against corrupt acitivities within the establishment quite clear, and has subsequently been accused of defying instructions from the ANC regional executive committee (REC).

It had been stated in a memorandum that the REC has resolved to have her recalled, along with the chief whip, Cllr Buthelezi, and the speaker, Cllr Mandini, effectively dissolving the Troika, which consists of these members. The sudden recall and infighting within the ANC hierarchy is the result of an explosive list of corrupt activities that has been ongoing for years withing the municipality, laid bare by the current councillors and Troika. The Troika has refused to step down, claiming that they are being bullied into turning a blind eye to corruption. The councillors also claim that the REC has ordered a halt on the investigation lodged against a dodgy tender awarded to 303 Security to the tune of R103 million. According to the councillors, this is just one of many instances of where the chain of supply has been circumvented to benefit a select few individuals.

It has been confirmed that the executive mayor has opened criminal cases against the said company, as well as he director of community and social services. The ANC REC claims that there is no vendetta, and that the recall comes after a “glitch in the ANC registration of the candidates”. However, councillors are having none of this, citing that the PR list has been altered by the REC, and that the IEC is in cahoots with those fiddling with official documentation. The councillors, along with a large mass of the community, has taken a firm stance, also verifying that the PR list was different to the original list. This list has been the topic of debate for an extended period of time.

The councillors have threatened to resign in unison should the REC continue to, according to council, interfere with the daily operations of the municipality. Resignation would force the municipality into by-elections.

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