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Nomsa is proud semi-finalist in Mrs. SA pageant


To vote for Nomsa, and help her to achieve her dreams in the pageant, you can send an SMS, with her name, Nomsa Mokoena to 35959.

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

In a prestigious pageant, where only the best of the best advance, 49-year-old Standerton resident Nomsa Jennifer (Nkutha) Mokoena has secured a spot in the semi-finals of the competition. Born in Soweto, Nomsa grew up playing soccer, and sees herself as a born dancer. Nomsa used to be a choreographer, teaching young models the ropes, and sharing her love for dancing. Many of these models went on to feature in Sowetan pageants. As mother of eight children, Nomsa taught her daughter and little sister the ins and outs of modeling. Nomsa is a fun, loyal, passionate, loving and energetic person, and is married to Sipho Charles Mokoena.

“We’re in a passionate and loving relationship, and Sipho always pushed me to be the best that I could be. He was the one who encouraged me to follow my dreams by entering the pageant.” Nomsa said, clearly smitten. Being selected for the Mrs. South Africa pageant is an achievement of note, as only 100 women are selected to enter. Sponsors and sessions are hosted and presented at Emperor’s Palace in Gauteng, with the entrants and contestants of Mrs. SA focusing on charity work en empowerment. Nomsa is a graduate in journalism, and also dabbled in public relations, business management, shorthand, bookkeeping, and desktop publishing, but decided to enter the field of interior decoration. Nomsa plied her trade in the East Rand, but thirsted for more. Surprisingly, Nomsa entered civil construction under the umbrella of Women In Construction, and launched her own company with her daughter.

At this time, Nomsa is a successful, self-employed business woman. “My main motivation for entering the Mrs. SA pageant is to help the community, and to pave the way for me to fulfill my dreams in helping the needy.” Nomsa beamed. “I am honored to fulfil my obligations set forth by the Mrs. SA pageant. For now, my own charity work includes a unique elderly day care in Gauteng, established by my mother and I . We provide daily meals, assist them in visiting wellness centres, and provide attention where necessary. I would like to thank my husband for allowing me to be me, as many other husbands would not be so supportive. I love him so much, and I love his selfless heart. I would also like to thank my children for their support.”

To vote for Nomsa, and help her to achieve her dreams in the pageant, you can send an SMS, with her name, Nomsa Mokoena to 35959.

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