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Eagan Engelbrecht crowned as Little Mr. World 2022


25 October 2022

“Eagan, the Ermelo community is very proud to call you our own Ermelo super model.”

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

Eagan Engelbrecht, a very well known 4-year-old from Ermelo, made his way to Turkey recently to partake in a prestigious contest. He is renowned in the modelling industry, and doesn’t allow grass to grow under his feet when it comes to competition times. He is a very friendly and cute youngster, with the softest heart that cares so much for other people. Pageants SA has since proudly announced that Eagan, who was recently crowned as Mini Mr. South Africa 2022, attended his first international pageant, and was crowned as the new Little Mr. World 2022, as well as receiving the award of Mini Top Model of the World 2022 in his age division.

“Eagan, the Ermelo community is very proud to call you our own Ermelo super model.” The event was hosted at a sparkling gala crowning at the Otium Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey, on 20 October 2022, under the directorship of Carolyn Botha from Pageants SA, for the World League of Fashion and Beauty founded by Mr. Ashot Khachatryan 34 years ago. The contestants spent ten days at the five-star Seven Seas Sealite Elite Hotel in Kusadasi and enjoyed loads of fun between their judging rounds, which included performing a talent, providing a video advertising South Africa, and allowing the audience and judges the opportunity to get to know the contestants in their own country. The contestants were carefully monitored during their time on their manners and conversational skills with other contestants, and then performed on stage wearing their national costumes, casual- and evening wear.

The contestants also performed during the crowning of the Princess of the Globe and Miss 7 Continents pageants, and were a total delight to the judges. “We are proud to say that not only did Eagan win in his category, but South Africa came home with all six major titles which were competed for, including Little Miss World, Little Mr. World, Miss Teen World, Mr. Teen World, Little Miss Universe and Miss Teen Universe. Pageants SA is extremely proud of the achievements of our six contestants, and wish them an absolutely wonderful year of reign. Four of the six contestants are all from one family, how brilliant can that be for a family,” Pageants SA said.

Mia Stone won Little Miss Universe in her age group, as well as Miss Super Model. Xané Engelbrecht won Miss Teen World, as well as Best Talent and Miss Charity. Xavier Engelbrecht won Mr. Teen World and Best of the Best. Gabby Bryant won Little Miss Universe, Miss Talent as well as Miss Charity. Resaobaka Moatlhodi won Miss Teen Universe, as well as Junior Top Model of the world. Congratulations are in order to the six contestants on their great achievements, they kept South Africa's name high in Turkey. The contestants would like to thank all their sponsors that helped them to attend this stellar event, and also thank their parents for all their hard work and support during the pageant.

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