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Chaos in Havenga Road as trailer snaps


1 November 2022

The entire community is getting the short end of the stick.

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

On Friday morning, 28 October 2022, a heavy vehicle suffered a serious breakdown down due to the shoddy conditions of Havenga Road. The enormous potholes on this road caused a section of the vehicle’s trailer to snap clean off, as the trailers weren’t designed to withstand the strain of bending in the opposite direction while traversing these massive potholes. The roadway was in utter chaos for an extended period of time as services rendered assistance, while one lane was completely obstructed. Road users suffer damage to their vehicles on a daily basis, not to mention the negative impact the road conditions has on surrounding businesses.

As the rain season kicks off, the outlook is bleak for motorists musing this road on a daily basis, as the roadway erodes at an alarming rate. At the start of 2022, SG Coal Breyten, PC’s Sand, MAN Truck and Bus and Van Wettens Towing had enough of the shoddy roadway, and repaired the road surface to make it easier for road users to traverse. MAN Truck and Bus supplied food and cold drinks to the teams on site, and Van Wettens towing services supplied the diesel. However, the lack of maintenance from Msukaligwa Local Municipality has made the initiative all for nought, as road users are now back to square one. The lack of service delivery from the municipality has many motorists hot under the collar.

“The municipality has become so lax and complacent, used to the private sector doing their work for them. It is unacceptable that they are not held accountable for incidents like this. Everyone just goes with the flow, and nobody takes a stand against the municipality” one passing road user lamented. Frustrated motorists are now calling for Msukaligwa Local Municipality to finally take full accountability for their dismal neglect of Havenga Road, which is the only route available for heavy vehicles. “When will we say that enough is enough? The municipal officials parade on social media with their supposed service delivery projects, but we don't see any service delivery or change. I have to drive this road every day to work, and the damage I have suffered to my vehicle and tyres is immeasurable. I hope that the municipal council gets slapped with a lawsuit. Maybe then we will finally see some change," a frustrated driver on scene told the Tribune.

While fuming residents are still waiting with bated breath for the apparent “road reconstruction” promised by Msukaligwa Local Municipality more than two years ago, damage is suffered by all on a daily basis. The entire community is getting the short end of the stick, including businesses in this area, with no reprieve from the municipality. View more photos and videos on our Facebook page, Tribune Ermelo.

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