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Be part of the change for the Pet Dam


23 November 2021

“If we stand together as a community, we can surely restore the Pet Dam to its former glory."

Suzuki Ermelo (WEB) 22 September

If you’ve ever driven past the Pet Dam and thought to yourself how the dam could have regressed to such a sad state, now is your time to shine and actively make a difference. Ford Ermelo, also known as 24 Motors, have taken it upon themselves to launch an initiative to rehabilitate the dam, to get it clean, and to keep it clean. However, the full cooperation of the community and all walks of life is needed to make the rehabilitation project a reality. Speaking to Hein van Niekerk, dealer principal at 24 Motors, the rehabilitation project will be launched as soon as necessary steps have been taken, and all roleplayers are on board, including Msukaligwa Local Municipality. “Working hand in hand with BlueGreen Water Technologies and other key players, our main aim will be to rehabilitate the Pet Dam, ensuring a better future for fauna and flora in and around the dam. Furthermore, the unpleasant smell that constantly lingers in the area of the Pet Dam will also be something of the past, he stated. “If we stand together as a community, we can surely restore the Pet Dam to its former glory. Gone will be the days of pollution and unsightly refuse bobbing in the water. We are in the process of getting all stakeholders involved, and would like to work hand in hand with Msukaligwa Local Municipality. Their input and assistance will be invaluable to the project, as they have the machinery and the means to unblock stoppages from the sewerage network and storm drains. Unblocking the sewerage network is of paramount importance, as regular and efficient flow to waste away from the Pet Dam will be the main variable in keeping the pollution at bay. We humbly invite all stakeholders who would be interested, as well as community members and businesses who wish to make a difference, to get involved in the project. Only by working together in unity will we be able to move forward.”

BlueGreen Water Technologies sport groundbreaking, approved algaecides, approved for use in bodies of water without damaging the environment or degrading the water quality. In fact, Jurgens van Loggerenberg, director of the Africa division of the company, has told the Tribune ePaper that all hope is not lost for the Pet Dam. Quite the opposite, as from the commencement of treatment, the Pet Dam will be sparkling and boasting significantly improved water quality in approximately four months. “We can make quick work of the polluted Pet Dam with our cutting-edge technology. However, cooperation and assistance from the community, municipality and all stakeholders will be of utmost importance. Ermelo holds a special place in my heart, and it pains me to see the Pet Dam degraded from a previous state of magnificence. We call on all who wish to get involved in the project to roll up their sleeves and actively take part in the betterment of the Pet Dam. We can easily accomplish the rehabilitation if we work in unison,” he said.

BlueGreen has an outstanding track record when it comes to rehabilitation of water bodies. Most recently, BlueGreen’s cutting-edge technology was used to eradicate toxic blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, in water bodies without leaving a trace in the water. In March this year, BlueGreen introduced its innovative Lake Guard solution to Setumo Dam, in collaboration with Sedibeng Water, with breathtaking results. Similar grand success has also been noted at Roodeplaat Dam, which is unrecognizable following the rehabilitation. If that’s not enough, the success at Setumo Dam follows directly on the heels of BlueGreen winning the ‘Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year’ award at the 2021 Global Water Awards. If you would like to know more about the project, and how to get involved in this landmark program, you may contact Janice de Jager on 072 401 1449.

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