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Rubble left on the roadside


27 April 2021

MLM has, however, simply ignored the enquiry that was sent on 8 April 2021.

During the course of the last month, road repair vehicles have been spotted in Fourie Street, where sections of the road were cut out and patched up. Initially, SANRAL-branded construction vehicles were spotted initiating the repairs, and various sections that see extensive movement from heavy vehicles were reconstructed. Vehicles and work teams from Msukaligwa Local Municipality (MLM) were also noticed to be working on the roadway, although it is unclear as to the reason for the work done. Although many drivers consider the repairs as a welcome event, the residents and businesses in Fourie Street are not as fond of the idea.

The Tribune ePaper has received complaints regarding rubble left on the sidewalks along the length of Fourie Street, where the removed sections of tar were piled up, accompanied by various materials, including tar drums and other construction materials. One resident complained that the roadworks that took place in front of his driveway impeded access to his property, and that the rubble from the maintenance has now been left next to his driveway. According to the complaints, the rubble has been left there for nearly 3 weeks, and is an unsightly addition to his driveway.

The Tribune ePaper has sent an enquiry to MLM when the maintenance commenced, enquiring as to who is in charge of the maintenance, and requested more information. MLM has, however, simply ignored the enquiry that was sent on 8 April 2021. To date, no response has been received from the municipality.

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