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Public drug use without repercussion

Public drug use without repercussion


27 April 2021

The SAPS claims that it would be a “infringement of rights” to take action against perpetrators.

The Tribune ePaper has received several complaints of the course of the last two months regarding drug users in De Jager- and Oosthuisen Streets, who engage in public use and dealing of various substances and drugs. The Tribune ePaper has also received complaints from residents regarding sharing of needles and intravenous drugs in De Jager Street, with little to no action taken by authorities. Seemingly, nobody wants to take a handle on the situation, as the SAPS claims that it would be a “infringement of rights” to take action against perpetrators.

“The SAPS has attempted to remove these individuals, but the issue is that the municipality must issue us with the by-laws and the way to deal with this matter. We can not infringe on other people’s rights. When the SAPS searches these individuals, they do not carry a large number of drugs, and most of the times we only find them with empty papers. The SAPS can not make an arrest without any evidence, and even if we arrest them for being intoxicated, we do not have drug test kits on hand to provide as evidence to the court. These individuals have been given the option of rehabilitation in Delmas, but refused.” read the response from Const. Msizane of the Ermelo SAPS.

Mr. Zwane, Msukaligwa Local Municipality spokesman, has however refuted the statement, and told the Tribune ePaper that the municipal by-laws have no bearing on the duties of the SAPS in this regards.

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