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HMV ploughs through SAVF palisade fencing

HMV ploughs through SAVF palisade fencing


30 March 2021

EMS confirmed that no life threatening injuries were reported.

Residents of the SAVF old age home were in a for one hell of a shock on Friday evening, 26 March 2021. What was supposed to be a peaceful Friday night, turned into a hubbub of confusion, shock and awe, as a heavy motor vehicle lumbered through the establishment’s fencing, and came to a stop against a tree, which prevented the HMV from smashing into the building. According to eye witnesses on scene, the HMV attempted the turn at Fourie Street at too high a speed, and started to topple. The HMV attempted to correct course, and collided with a bakkie.

Following the collision, the HMV lost control and flattened the fencing. Emergency personnel and medical services, Van Wettens Towing Services, ETS Towing Services, SAPS, traffic department and fire brigade were on scene in a matter of minutes, and traffic officials had their hands full directing the constant flow of traffic, and passing motorists slowing traffic with the rubbernecking. Many motorists were scolded as they attempted to make u-turns, or pass by the obstructions by driving in the lane of oncoming traffic. EMS confirmed that no life threatening injuries were reported.

Motorists are urged to adhere to the directions given by traffic officials when encountering an accident scene, and no obey the traffic rules. Motorists are requested to keep moving as instructed by officials, as disregarding the instructions causes disruption in the flow of traffic directed from the scene.

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