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CPF and SAPS visit communities

CPF and SAPS visit communities


12 July 2022

The biggest scam is the company called Ermelo Auctioneers.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Community Police Forum (CPF) with SAPS held a meeting with the community. On Saturday, the meeting was held at Nyibe Sport Grounds, where the community of Nyibe could raise their concerns regarding all the crime in the area. During the meeting, the community raised their voices about, rape, murder and illegal shebeens and taverns. The biggest concerns are the shebeens and taverns that doesn’t have legal liquor licenses, and that stay open the whole night. The community members requested the SAPS and CPF member to do patrols in the area. After the meeting, quick arrangements were made from the SAPS, and a patrol was done. Several tuckshops was asked by SAPS members to close their shops.

During the night, alcohol was confiscated from shebeens that couldn’t show their license to the SAPS. Patrols were done through all the informal settlements to search for illegal taverns and shebeens. On Sunday, the second meeting was held at School of Rail, TransNet in Klein Street. Sector 3 community attended the meeting, and every community member raised their concerns in Sector 3. The biggest concerns are the use of drugs, and the prostitution. The chairperson of Sector 3, Mr. Dumisani, told the community members that there is an action plan regarding all the issues in the sector, and that they will be doing all the patrols and all the necessary planning to stop all of issues in the sector. The SAPS would also like to inform the community of Ermelo about all the online scams that are currently doing the round on the internet. The biggest scam is the company called Ermelo Auctioneers, that sell vehicles for a ridiculous good price, but before you can see the vehicle you need to do a deposit so that they can keep the vehicle for you. Remember, if its to good to be true, its not true.

Please be aware of all the scammers on the internet. CPF and SAPS members would like to thank the community members who joined the meeting and raised their concerns, and assured everyone that they will make a point to work on all the concerns.

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