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SLP initiative relieves inventory strain


17 May 2022

The municipality requests the community to protect electrical cables from cable thieves.

Msukaligwa Local Municipality (MLM) recently received a delivery of electrical cable for the replacement of 1000 meters of MV cable (95mm² XLPE) valued at R1.4 million, from Mooiplaats Colliery. This was made possible through the Social and Labour Plan (SLP). This project was the third bout of cable delivery, which is aimed at stabilizing the electrical infrastructure within the municipality. The projects were supplied through the agreed SLP, which covered the period from 2018-2022. The total amount spent by the mine on these projects amount to R2.9 million.

MLM covers a vast area, in which the infrastructure is aged and vulnerable, according to the municipality. The assistance from Mooiplaats Colliery has brought about stabilization to the areas that have been attended to, according to MLM’s technical manager, Gugu Buthelezi. “Furthermore, the assistance is highly appreciated, and the municipality certainly hopes that there will be more projects of this nature to help improve and ascertain its consumers of a more stable and reliable power supply.” Mooiplaats Colliery delivered on the cables as per the commitments made in 2020 with the municipality. It is however very sad to indicate that the mine has completely ceased to operate in December 2021 due to reaching end of life. “The municipality is thankful to the mine in honoring these commitments, even though they have stopped operating in the area. Additionally, the municipality requests the community to protect electrical cables from cable thieves.”

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